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Fall is Coming

- Tom Wright

Living with work

I’ve been working on my personal (fine art) projects a lot lately - hone them, edit them down, make them more cohesive and in the process try to figure out where I might be headed on future projects. I have found this to be an extremely difficult process. I want to get better at my editing abilities in order to use my work to its full potential. But, I find the way in which I go about doing so is extremely sporadic.

Some days I find it extremely difficult to kill my children. “I would never get rid of that one. I worked so hard to get the exact shot I wanted and it works so well as a photograph. Look at the lighting! And the color! It’s got to stay.” But, if it’s not doing anything for the series to communicate the ideas that I want, than it must be cut.

Other days I cut 80% of a series leaving a few knowing that they do exactly what I want. Unsatisfied later, I replace all of the images that were just removed (sometimes adding more).

Working on getting a system in place, the next step will be printing them out and working with the physical photographs - moving them around, creating piles, etc. I just need to get a reasonable sense of resolution with these projects.

I’ve been wanting to get a descent image of the moon for a while. Last night the moon was full and gorgeous. So we decided to grab the dog and take a long drive out of the city. We found a little hilltop to set the tripod upon and I pointed the lens towards the big ball of cheese above us.

The images above weren’t the reason I wanted to get out, but I thought that the spotty clouds quickly passing the moon had a cool ghastly appearance. It was a moon Professor Lupin wouldn’t hesitate to give a good howl at.

I haven’t done any editing to these images and I don’t know that I ever will (I just don’t have a use for them now), but I think they look pretty darn cool.

Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite directors. His use of color, composition, and set design is the best. The way tension is created with such subtleness is something that is mind blowing. Last night, I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey which was shown in 70mm projected film at the Wexner Center here in Columbus. It was great. The last time I saw it was on my 13 inch Macbook and until last night, I didn’t realize how much I had been missing. There is so much detail in every shot and so much of it is just seamless and beautiful. Don’t even get me started about the scene with the ship docking to the space station all to Strauss’ Blue Danube playing in the background. Just awesome.

Yes, Hal, sing the song for me.

Image Source (obviously not my image)

Some shots from the Waynesville weekend trip.

Selfie while testing some strobes at work today…

The trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton was pretty great yesterday. Even though we couldn’t get the F-4 of the ground (don’t worry we have triple-a), we made it back ok.

This past weekend I shot my first wedding on my own. I haven’t had the time to do any editing yet, but you will see the results here. It went super well and I’m excited to see the results. The bride is a good friend of mind and it was a pleasure helping her out in a way I knew I could.

The wedding was being held near the house where my lady grew up. So, we stopped by and let the dogs out and fed the chickens. Her dogs went for a swim in the pond and I got rowdy with Nina (the black lab). Every few minutes I would shove my camera to Andrea and run to find another stick to bug Nina with. I haven’t gotten to play with some big pups for a while and I made some good use of their company.

Corn’s up.