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tøm wright, a photographer

Some shots from the Waynesville weekend trip.

Selfie while testing some strobes at work today…

The trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton was pretty great yesterday. Even though we couldn’t get the F-4 of the ground (don’t worry we have triple-a), we made it back ok.

This past weekend I shot my first wedding on my own. I haven’t had the time to do any editing yet, but you will see the results here. It went super well and I’m excited to see the results. The bride is a good friend of mind and it was a pleasure helping her out in a way I knew I could.

The wedding was being held near the house where my lady grew up. So, we stopped by and let the dogs out and fed the chickens. Her dogs went for a swim in the pond and I got rowdy with Nina (the black lab). Every few minutes I would shove my camera to Andrea and run to find another stick to bug Nina with. I haven’t gotten to play with some big pups for a while and I made some good use of their company.

Corn’s up.


Wandering the streets on these bright and sunny days

Happy Fourth of July everyone! In celebration of America this year, I am doing something special. This very unique, very limited, and all American print on wood will surely represent you well. All of the visitors to your humble abode will be well aware that you’re of the land of the free and that you mean business. 

Ready to hang, I’m posting this at $76 (not including shipping).

Please message me for details.

This is the first time I’ve done this sort of thing and I’m really excited to make my work more available to people as real, tangible objects. Should I get multiple people showing interest in this piece, I’m willing to do a 25 edition run.

Happy Fourth and go watch some stuff in the sky explode!

On a nice little road trip last night, we stumbled on this little deserted glass box building. Odd architecture and the nice warm toned rays of the summer evening.

Balancing the time spent having relaxed summer fun and creating a future for myself is difficult. But, days like today make things go a little bit smoother when I am able to squeeze a little bit of both into the day. I’m working on making a more a “official” (think organized) artist page for myself, so I will try to keep up with the day-to-day on Tumblr. I think the blog will be a more relaxed environment, so you may even see my stuff more frequently on your dashboard.

Happy Summer and let’s see if the US can kick the snot out of those Germans on Thursday!